Bart Lionel

Oliver (Excerps)

Bernstein Leonard

Candidie (Excerps)

Bock Jerry

Anatevka, Fideler on the roof (Excerps)

Burkhard Paul

Der schwarze Hecht (Excerps)

Gershwin George

An American in Paris (Excerps)

Strike up the Band (Excerps)

Hurwitz Justin

La La Land (Excerps)

John Elton, Taymor Julie, Zimmer Hans, Lebo M, Mancina Mark, Rifkin Jay

Lion King (Excerps)

Kander John

Cabaret (Excerps)

Chicago (Excerps)

Loewe Frederick

My Fair Lady (Excerps)

Manilow Barry

Copacabana (Excerps)

Porter Cole

Anything Goes (Excerps)

Sherman Robert M.

Mary Poppins (Excerps)

Styne, Robin

Moulin Rouge (Excerps)

Sylvester Levay

Elisabeth (Excerps)

Webber Andrew Lloyd

Evita (Excerps)

Cats (Excerps)

Phantom of the Opera (Excerps)

Starlight Express (Excerps)